Congratulations, you've just made the first step to creating a great film!

Creating video with Vu Productions is an exciting and rewarding process. We have a passion for film and love combining your creative ideas with our artistic talents.

We take pride in producing authentic, shareworthy video content for your event, function or presentation. 

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Your wedding day is the realisation of a relationship which connects you in many ways. Let us tell the story of your union, fused with the excitement of your wedding day to create a wedding film which is more about the journey, than just the destination.



Events are full of great purpose, with much work put into the successful delivery of each event. We cover your event as passionately as you have created the event. We engage with you to realise your vision, and work with you to create a film which is not only a timeless memento, but one you will be proud to distribute among your peers.