Who is Vu Productions? 

From a young age it was apparent that I was going to be a creative person. I was often found drawing, acting and creating scenarios with my toys. My family encouraged my artistic habits and assisted to develop my imagination through creative play and story development.

Throughout my life I have used art and animation to enhance my school projects from as little as a border on my written homework to acting out the plots of stories in drama class. I love utilising multimedia platforms at school, work and home including stop-motion animation and video productions. I have also enjoyed drawing comic features for my media projects and projects at home.

I have always loved the detailed process for making movies and how post production has developed. I have spent many nights amused by bonus features and marvelling at the magic of the behind the scene's studies of major motion pictures…you could say that it's a passion of mine.

It is very exciting that I am now able to work in an industry that I have always been so passionate about. Working with film and post-production for our clients to create lasting moments is very rewarding for me.

While working with Cameron on a film project, I soon realised he is as passionate about film production as I am. We were both excited about teaming up to develop a business which specialises in multiple camera productions, combining our range of talents and forming a dynamic partnership under the name, Vu Productions.

One of the funniest moments I have captured on film was when we were shooting some footage with a small toy helicopter. After a few hours filming on location, we decided to break for lunch. Soon after landing the helicopter in a clearing a few meters away from us, a magpie swooped down and snatched the helicopter and took off. As the magpie flew away clutching the stricken helicopter, all that was heard was a resounding NOOO! To this day the aircraft is still MIA.

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