A biography film preserve's family history and stories for generations to come.

Sharing your honest feelings in an authentic story can awaken future generations to connect the past with the present and evolve and broaden their perspective on the future. Sometimes telling your story is a healing journey to release yourself from whatever suffering you have endured, transforming painful memories into powerful lessons to empower yourself and those around you.

What is a Biography Film?

A biography film is a collection of stories about who you were, who you are and what you believe. It enables you to communicate your values, strengths and important life lessons to future generations. 

These videos involve a live recollection of stories and experiences combined with photos and video footage, highlighting family history and life's lessons which future generations can then have access to. Families and future generations have access to the video long after the person is gone, as a source of guidance, reflection and comfort.

We can come to your home, club or hospital to record a candid conversation with you in a comfortable environment where you can reflect on the past and speak authentically about your beliefs and experiences. We will creatively combine your story with photos and video of the past to create a legacy you will be proud to share with family and generations to come. 


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- Life may be finite, but our stories can live on
- Appreciate every moment and never lose sight of that special thing that makes each of us unique and valuable