"Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text" - Insivia


The power of sound and moving pictures creates a highly engaging experience which is emotionally charged and appeals to our senses. With the growth of mobile video and the increased speed of video streaming, it's easy to understand how an appropriate corporate film can be a powerfully influential marketing tool. 

The team at Vu Productions recognise that it is not the size of your budget that counts, but the combination of authenticity, engagement and creativity.

Contact Vu Productions, and together we will design, develop and share your ideas, brand, product or event.

Four stages of production

Whether its a Seminar, Conference, School Production, Web Marketing Film or Corporate Showreel, we approach each project with the same dedication to the four stages of production:


Before we begin any project with you, we must first share an understanding of your product, your audience and your production purpose. We will meet with you to learn of your vision and passion for your product or event and develop a mutual understanding of the project.


We start with your ideas, addressing the key areas of importance and then work those ideas into an initial plan. Paying close attention to the finer details, we research, prepare and revise the brief until we are confident we have everything we need to create and deliver a film that truly represents your vision.


The creation stage is where we engage in the filming process, paying close attention to the product brief and ensuring we have everything we need for post-production. Post-production is where the magic happens and all the preparation, planning and filming begin to come to life. We add color corrections, audio balancing, voice-over and title animations to complete the picture and the final film is created. 


We prepare your film for delivery and upload a proof to view online. Even with the most detailed plan in place, the film can evolve during the creation process and we welcome your input to ensure we deliver to you the very best product to suit your vision.


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