"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire


Free yourself from the restraints of a traditional wedding video and work with us to create your unique love story.

This love story, as told by you, recalls your initial attraction and captures the emotional journey of your relationship together.

As the story unfolds and the excitement builds, we reveal the true value and conscious decision to marry the one you love on this, your wedding day.

- And yet, this is just the beginning…


How do we turn your wedding film into a love story?

Initially, we meet with you to hear your thoughts and share your story over a relaxing coffee. 

Six weeks prior to your wedding date we contact you to arrange a second coffee (or hot chocolate if that is your preference) where we discuss the details for recording your story and arrange any pre-wedding filming (if required).

Finally the wedding day arrives! We will arrive as excited as you and together, we begin creating the most amazing wedding film. We suggest you allow at least 5 minutes for us to speak with each of you alone to record your audio commentary. This audio is edited with the audio from the ceremony and speeches to create the underlying story of your relationship. We then creatively combine the beautiful images of your wedding day to reveal the story of your union.

Visit our Wedding Packages page to start creating your very own wedding package or contact us to discuss your wedding day in further detail.